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My favorite aspect is that every class is different, and Robert knows tons of different exercises so your body never gets into a lull. The class also accommodates different strength levels and Robert always has alternate exercises if needed. Its repeatedly stressed that you’re only competing against yourself, which is great motto. My new saying is that, “as soon as the workout starts you want to leave, but when it’s over you want to stay”. So yes, the workouts are tough, but it kicks everyone’s butt, and makes for a ton of fun with the group!

Brian Fiske

I have been going to the gym for years but never have I seen the results I have with Boot Camp.  Robert is extremely knowledgeable, innovative and positive. I have been doing Boot Camp for 5 months now and we have never done the same workout twice. I can truly say that this has been life changing for me. I have complained about my weight for years and now with Robert's help, I am seeing results.  Robert's Elite Boot Camp is empowering, fun and rewarding. Thank you Robert for sharing your experience and being so dedicated. I Love Boot Camp!

Debbie Simms

In January of 2009 I went skiing and thought I did pretty well.  Then I started doing your boot camp in March. One year later I went skiing again and skied better than I have ever skied in my life!  The extra leg strength and endurance I’ve developed in the last year of boot camp made skiing seem relatively easy and my turns were smoother and more relaxed than ever.

Richard Powers

I started boot camp back in May and I am very happy with the results I am seeing...not only physically, but mentally as well! Having never been a runner, I thought for sure I couldn't start at age 43, but I was wrong. The mile run still kills me most days, but I CAN do it! I think for all these years, I just said that I couldn't run, but never really knew why....was it shin splints, endurance issues, probably a number of things, but I have surprised myself...I CAN run! I CAN also do push-ups, lots of push-ups too and NOT the girly kind either...never thought I could do those, but when you have a trainer telling you "can't" just doesn't go with boot camp, you learn quickly to say, "Yes I can" to whatever the challenge is!

I have always worked out, but not like this. I went to the gym several times a week and did the same thing...I am pretty sure I let that be known when I started boot camp, but I learned quickly to keep my mouth shut! Sure I would take some pretty tough classes and I did challenge myself, or so I thought, until I met Robert!!

I remember the first day...there was NO entry level...I got into my car after class and thought, "what the heck have I gotten myself into??" But I came back...and kept coming. After every class I say out loud in my car, "Helen you are strong did it…again!" I became my best cheerleader!

The results have also been amazing...clothes that I use to think fit just fine, are somehow bigger now? I'm guessing maybe they didn't fit just fine!!

I love boot camp! People ask how long I am going to do this? My answer is that I don't think I could ever NOT do this. When the routine is entirely different every time, how could I ever want to go back to what I had been doing before?

Robert you are my new hero!!!
I LOVE "Booty Camp!!!!"

Helen Nicholson


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Meet the Instructor

Robert “Sgt” Johnson, Owner

My 10 years of active duty Army service taught me about setting goals and having the discipline to achieve those goals. I carry that experience and attitude into my personal training, and fitness boot camps. It is very rewarding for me, to see a client grow from, “I can’t” to “I can,” and walk away feeling great about themselves...

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