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Common Questions

The Elite Boot Camp Fitness program is your one true answer to meeting your goals. If you have had trouble in the past losing weight, Elite Instructors will give you the motivation you need to lose the weight! The Boot Camp Regimen is intended for ALL FITNESS LEVELS and is segmented within the class to group similar capabilities together.

In other words, advanced individuals and athletes are still challenged, understatement, and Beginners are never left behind. Through teamwork and camaraderie, a motivated and energetic group environment is created, where each client rises to their individual potential - accountable to their own fitness goals.

Elite Boot Camp Fitness is the toughest workout you'll ever love! We were founded with one primary mission: To help you achieve the ultimate positive change in your body, mind, and spirit.

What is a typical training week like with Elite Boot Camp Fitness? No two fitness sessions will be the same during a four week training cycle. We keep your interest and even your curiosity levels high. When you arrive at the training site, you should stretch until formation time.

Our warm-ups usually consist of calisthenics and total body flexibility exercises to prepare your system for the upcoming session, and we culminate with exercises to cool the body down. In addition, you will enjoy the combination of personal attention and social interaction the Elite Boot Camp Fitness partner format allows.

What if I can’t perform a certain exercise? We will give you modified, low-impact drills as an alternative.

Will you yell at us? Our training methods are centered, around motivating, positive affirmations, and uplifting quotes. We convince, not confront. We aim to keep you focused on the task at hand. Abuse, harassment – we won't do it, even if you want us to.

What do I need to get started? You will need the following for each and every class; You’ll need a hand towel, training mat, a set of dumbbells (5 to 20 lbs.), weightlifting gloves, a water bottle or container, running shoes, non-restrictive workout clothing, and sunscreen in the summer.

What about the weather? As the Army adage goes, "If it ain't raining, we ain't training." Elite Boot Camp Fitness Classes will perform come rain or shine, cold (40 and above) or heat (95 and below). In order to toughen your body, mind, and make the best out of your Elite Boot Camp Fitness experience, We train in all weather formats. The sole exception to this is dangerous weather such as hail, severe lightning, tornadoes, etc.

If a class “IS” canceled due to extreme weather, we will make every effort to make-up the training days at the end of the 4-week training cycle. However, make-up days are NOT guaranteed.

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