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In Our Community

Giving is the greatest reward!

EBCF Volunteer Squad mission is to give back our community. Every year we volunteer at the North Texas Special Olympics Spring Games. All of our boot campers and their,  family, and friends are honored work with these special athletes. It's a humbling experience and one that we cherish for a very long time! EBCF is a strong supporter of our local community. In addition, we are proud to have hosted fund raising events for other great organizations such as the MDA of Dallas, and C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors.

What is the difference between Elite Boot Camp Fitness and CrossFit? I often get asked on my opinion between the difference between my boot camp and CrossFit, with my key answer being teamwork. Not wanting to offend either community, let me qualify my thoughts.


A key component of Elite Boot Camp Fitness is the use of teamwork to structure its classes and get its members fit. This is achieved through forming teams that will either compete or cooperate within the class in the pursuit of the class objectives. My boot camp classes will have activities which require effort from the entire team and cannot be completed by a single person. Examples include relays, ‘log carrying’, obstacle challenges, and team based circuit training. When structured correctly, members of varying fitness will all be required to work hard within their capacity in order to contribute to the team’s success. Scores and rewards are provided to the entire team. The key here is that we ensure the boot camp class is structured to include all levels of fitness.


CrossFit focuses on constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. The majority of the CrossFit workouts are measurable and completed individually. As they are individual based workouts there is the ability to do these at home, in a gym by yourself, or when you are travelling. Workouts are ‘scaled’, that  is, modifications made to the difficulty to ensure all levels of fitness are catered for. As an example, this will see everyone doing the same workout at the same time, but with different weights, or with some sort of assistance. Now to qualify this further, a CrossFit ‘box’ will generally have an amazing team spirit as everyone encourages everyone during the workout. The interaction of the box is more like a sporting team than that of a large gym.

So, what else is different? I have already mentioned the emphasis on measurable workouts. Each class within CrossFit can be seen as a test of your fitness with the ability to track your improvements, this is a great motivator for some.

Each boot camp workout will have an aim, and to achieve that aim will generally spike in Each boot camp workout will have an aim, and to achieve that aim will generally spike in tempo to include a ‘finisher’, eg a final mini-workout at high-intensity to use up what energy you have left. Also boot camp is generally conducted outdoors and will therefore lean towards a focus on bodyweight activities and cardio drills. The outdoors component is what appeals to many people, whether it be at a sports field, by the beach or going completely off-track, the opportunity to workout outside comes with positives and negatives…it’s always fun working out in the rain! CrossFit is generally run indoors, and with this comes the ability for the instructors to have plenty of equipment ready for its classes. The equipment ranges, but as an example there are lots of Olympic barbells and plates (bumper plates that can be dropped and bounce).


Of course, each discipline can be blended but I have focused on the key aspects that differentiate the two. If you took CrossFit movements and put them into a circuit, is it still CrossFIt? Likewise, if you took a Boot Camp and just made it timed individual workouts, would it still be a boot camp? Many people have strong opinions on this. Me? I think there are pros and cons to each side, and therefore I focus on what are the strengths that I can take from each style of workout. In fact, I even take some Pilates and Yoga movements and incorporate them into my boot camp workouts! Why? Well, it is the pursuit of great all-round fitness, and through specific programming we can achieve this goal and reduce the chance of injuries.

Boot Camp vs. CrossFit